2021 Annual Reports

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As required by ACOTE Policy IV.E.5. Annual Reports to ACOTE, each program that is accredited by ACOTE is required to submit an Annual Report to provide data on key indicators and quality outcomes of the program.

The 2021 Annual Report will be made available in ACOTE Online (https://acote.aota.org/login) by early January and will be due by February 5,, 2021. Program directors will receive an e-mail as soon as the e-Accreditation online form is ready for data input. To assist programs with data collection, we have posted the “2021 Annual Report Worksheet” on the Forms section of the ACOTE webpage.

Note that the Annual Report must be completed by ALL accredited programs, including those programs with Interim Reports and Self-Study Reports due in the same year.

Questions? Please email accred@aota.org.