2023 Annual Report Now Available

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This is to inform you that the e-Accreditation Annual Report to ACOTE and Faculty Profiles are now available for completion in ACOTE Online. The Annual Report and Faculty Profiles must be completed by ALL accredited programs, including those programs with Interim Reports and Self-Study Reports due this year.

To access the report, go to:  https://acote.aota.org/login

Please email accred@aota.org for any access issues.

To complete the Annual Report:

    • If you are not taken directly to the Annual Report on the Home tab, click on the “ANNUAL RPT” tab on the black bar to begin the report.

    • You will be asked to complete six sections of the Annual Report, including the following:

-Section I:      General Program Information

-Section II:     Applicants & Enrollment

-Section III:    Faculty

-Section IV:   Program Operations

-Section V:    Outcomes

-Section VI:   Access to Information

    • You must also update the Faculty Profiles in the separate “FACULTY” tab. You may add faculty by clicking on the “Add New Faculty” button and may delete existing faculty by clicking the red “X” next to the faculty member’s name in the “Delete” column. Existing profiles may be edited by clicking on the individual’s name. Please make sure to update the license expiration date for all faculty members. After making your edits, make sure to scroll down and hit “Save”.

    • IMPORTANT: When all Faculty Profiles are updated and reflect the status as “Completed”, you must click on “Mark Faculty Profiles as Ready for Submission” at the top of the page before you can submit your Annual Report.

    • Return to the “ANNUAL RPT” portion of the “HOME” tab to submit your report.

    • The deadline for submission of the Annual Report is close of business on February 4, 2023.

Please direct any questions regarding the report to accred@aota.org and Accreditation staff will be glad to assist. Thanks.