COVID19 FAQ 5-12-20

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May 12, 2020

FAQs regarding COVID-19

Please continue to monitor the ACOTE website at for previous and continuous updates. If you have any questions please email the Accreditation Department at:


Q: Do I need to submit a change request to ACOTE if our college moves to emergency remote teaching for fall 2020 if the change is less than 1/3 of the program’s curriculum? 

Changes to the curriculum delivery model for less than one third of courses (e.g., change from in classroom to distance education delivery model) is considered a minor program change and does not require approval by ACOTE prior to implementation. However these minor changes must be submitted through ACOTE Online ( using the “Substantive Change” tab, and will be processed and reviewed by the assigned ACOTE reviewers. Please see the Additions or Changes policy for additional information.

Q: My program moved to online teaching in the spring and summer and will continue online teaching in the fall. Do I need to include the spring and summer when calculating the one third of the courses?

You do not need to include the spring and summer when calculating the one third of courses.

Q: My program is moving to distance education for the fall. Do I need to provide evidence that the faculty have documented expertise in the content delivery method (e.g., distance learning)?

Programs that are continuing to provide distance learning will need to ensure they are in compliance with ACOTE Standard A.2.3. Program Director and Faculty Qualifications: “Documented expertise in their area(s) of teaching responsibility and knowledge of the content delivery method (e.g., distance learning).”

Q: Can I send you my Level II fieldwork plan for each student for you to approve?

As per federal regulations, accreditation staff members do NOT have the authority to “approve” a program’s compliance or plan. Members of ACOTE® have all decision making authority.  The accreditation Standards and Interpretative Guide provided by ACOTE® are available as a resource.

Q: My students completed 9 weeks of Level II Fieldwork. The student was evaluated using the FWPE. However, in some instances the FWPE does not apply. How can we evaluate student performance?

ACOTE® Standard C.1.15 requires that the program, “Document mechanisms for requiring formal evaluation of student performance on Level II fieldwork (e.g., the AOTA Fieldwork Performance Evaluation for the Occupational Therapy Student or equivalent).”  If the program decides the FWPE is not appropriate, the program must demonstrate that a documented formal evaluation of student performance on Level II fieldwork was completed.


We appreciate all of the work that you do and your dedication to provide quality OT/OTA education. If you have specific questions unique to your program please do not hesitate to reach out to the Accreditation Department via email: or contact Barb Ostrove at or Teresa Brininger at Please stay well and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.