Dear Program Directors and Stakeholders,

ACOTE is currently in the process of seeking renewal of its recognition as a specialized accreditor with the U.S. Department of Education (USDE). Just as the accreditation for your program involves a process of review and response, the recognition process with USDE involves similar steps. ACOTE submitted its petition for renewal of recognition in September 2020. Following a careful paper review, an in-depth file review, and a shadowing of an on-site visit, a draft staff report has been received. ACOTE has until April 2022 to provide additional information to address any areas of concern on the draft staff report and is working closely with our assigned USDE analyst. ACOTE has and will continue evaluating and modifying current policies, procedures, and ACOTE Standards to ensure compliance with USDE regulations.

Any changes in policies, procedures, and Standards that affect ACOTE accredited programs will include reasonable periods for programs to come into compliance. ACOTE’s primary concern, on behalf of all students and programs it represents, is continued USDE recognition. To that end, we are working diligently through this renewal process, just as you do during your accreditation processes.