Continuing Accreditation

Programs are required to reference Policies & Procedures for complete details and requirements. Below is a summary of reports required for continuing accreditation. All accredited programs are required to submit reports through the eAccreditation portal and programs are notified once modules are opened.


Annual Report

Policy IV.E.5. Annual Reports to ACOTE

Annual Reports are due yearly from all accredited programs. The report module opens in January and are due in February. Annual Reports are reviewed by ACOTE during its spring meeting. An Annual Report guide is posted under Forms.
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Interim Report

Policy IV.E.3. Interim Reports

Interim Reports facilitate ongoing monitoring of programs in the interval between the on-site evaluations. The report module opens in the fall and are due the following spring. Interim Reports are reviewed by ACOTE during its summer meeting.
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Reevaluation with Self-Study and On-Site Visit

Policy IV.A.1. The Report of Self Study and IV.A.2. The Onsite Evaluation

The Report of Self-Study is due 3-months prior to the on-site evaluation. The specific dates for the visit are established in collaboration with the program director. A team visits and evaluates the program and provides a report to ACOTE. ACOTE will determine accreditation status at their next scheduled meeting.
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