Become Accredited

The specific purposes of the ACOTE accreditation process are:

  1. to encourage continuous self-analysis and improvement of the occupational therapy educational program by representatives of the institution’s administrative staff, teaching faculty, students, governing body, and other appropriate constituencies, with the ultimate aim of assuring students of quality education in this profession and assuring patients of appropriate occupational therapy care.
  2. to determine whether the occupational therapy educational program meets the appropriate approved educational standards.
  3. to encourage faculty to anticipate and accommodate new trends and developments in the practice of occupational therapy that should be incorporated into the educational process
  4. to assure the educational community, the general public, and other agencies or organizations that the program has both clearly defined and appropriate objectives, maintains conditions under which these objectives can reasonably be expected to be achieved, appears to be accomplishing them substantially, and can be expected to continue to do so.


As the first step in seeking accreditation for a new entry-level OT or OTA program, institutions should review ACOTE Policy “III.A. Overview of the Initial Accreditation Process” on the Policies & Procedures page. More specific details about submission of a Letter of Intent to seek accreditation are included in “III.A.1. Step 1: The Application Review”, and information on initial accreditation fees is included in “V.A. Fees”.