Become Accredited

Steps to Initial Accreditation

Programs seeking ACOTE accreditation are required to reference Policies & Procedures for the complete details and requirements. The accreditation process is multi-step and consists of the following:

Letter of Intent

Program submits a Letter of Intent Data Form to Upon receipt, instructions will be provided regarding fees and eAccreditation access.
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Step 1

Eligibility Application

Program submits an Eligibility Application in the eAccreditation portal, and the program will be given a timeline for the initial accreditation process.
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Step 2

Candidacy Application

Program submits a Candidacy Application and if ACOTE grants Candidacy Status, the program may proceed to the Preaccreditation review.
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Step 3

Preaccreditation Review

Program submits a Report of Self-Study and if ACOTE grants, Preaccreditation Status, the program may proceed to the initial on-site evaluation.
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Step 4

On-site Evaluation

A team visits and evaluates the program and provides a report to ACOTE. ACOTE will determine accreditation status at their next scheduled meeting.
Step 5