Director’s Update – January 2024

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Happy New Year!

The December ACOTE meeting has concluded. ALL action letters are processed within 4-6 weeks post ACOTE meeting.

Below are updates and reminders from ACOTE and the Accreditation Department.


ACOTE voted to adopt the 2023 Standards! The new Standards will go into effect July 31, 2025. The new Standards will be posted on the website in February 2024.


ALL ACCREDITED PROGRAMS – The Annual Report to ACOTE will soon be available for completion in ACOTE Online (e-Accreditation Portal). You will be notified as soon as the Report is available for completion. To assist with preparing for the report, refer to the Annual Report guide which is posted on our website under RESOURCES. The Annual Report and Faculty Profiles must be completed by ALL accredited programs, including those programs with Interim Reports and Self-Study Reports due this year. Therefore, if the program is an accredited program, the program director must complete and submit an Annual Report.

As part of the Annual Report review process, all program websites will be reviewed to ensure compliance with the following Standards:

      • A.4.2. Publication of Program Outcomes

      • A.4.3. Publication of ACOTE Information

      • A.4.4. Published Policies and Procedures

    Please ensure your website is current and accurate (see Sample Program Webpage under Resources). If the program website does not meet the requirements of the Standards, the program will be cited with an area of noncompliance.

    PROGRAMS WITH CANDIDACY AND PREACCREDITATION STATUS – will receive a brief Annual Report survey via email, due by February 1, 2024.  


    ACOTE POLICY IV.B.1. Additions and Changes

    ACOTE has updated the reporting requirements for program additions and changes. Refer to the policy for additional information.

        • MINOR PROGRAM CHANGES – Programs will report all minor program changes annually, in the Annual Report to ACOTE. Therefore, programs should track minor changes and be prepared to report on them in the next year’s Annual Report.

        • SIGNIFICANT PROGRAM CHANGES – Significant program changes must be reported in the e-Accreditation system and require ACOTE approval prior to implementation.


      Refer to the ACOTE website, the Events and Workshop page for more information and to register for upcoming events.  

      Conversation with ACOTE

      January 16, 2024, 8:00 pm Eastern Time

      ACOTE will be providing program directors, faculty, and other stakeholders an opportunity to have a conversation with ACOTE. Register to attend the session here.

      Interim Report Webinar

      January 17, 2024, 7:00 pm Eastern Time (other dates and times are available if unable to attend this session). Register to attend the webinar here.

      This Interim Report webinar provides an overview of the Standards reflected in the report and overall expectations of an Interim Report. There will be a question-and-answer session at the end of the webinar. Dates and registration information can be found here.

      Self-Study Workshop

      Slots are available for upcoming Self-Study Workshops. The Self-Study Workshop is designed to meet the needs of program directors and faculty preparing for an upcoming self-study review and new program directors wanting to understand more about the accreditation process. Dates and registration information can be found here.

      New Program Workshop

      Thinking about starting an OT or OTA program? Or you have just started the process? This is the workshop for you. Refer to the ACOTE website for more information and to register for the next workshop. Dates and registration information can be found here.


          • Ensure the “FACULTY” tab in the eAccreditation portal is updated.

          • Program Director Changes: Standard A.1.5. Notification Requirements requires the program to inform ACOTE within 30 days of the resignation of the program director or appointment of a new or interim program director.

          • It is the responsibility of the program director to remain current with the most recent Standards Interpretive Guide and ACOTE® policies located on Updates to these documents are reported on the ACOTE® website after each ACOTE® meeting.


        The ACOTE website ( is a valuable resource for information. You can find information on program numbers, past ACOTE actions, past newsletters, frequently asked questions, forms, templates and much more. 

        The Accreditation Department is also a good resource. Please do not hesitate to contact department staff at if you have any questions or concerns.