Tech Tips June 2022

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Compliance Statement Character Limit  

When entering a compliance statement in the e-Accreditation system, there are varying character limits depending on the Standard. For example, the curriculum design Standard narrative box has a larger character count than the lab space Standard. Please make all attempts to be concise enough to provide your narrative within the designated box. It is especially important to provide your self-study Overview within the designated space. The narrative is meant to give the reviewers the basic concept of how you meet the Standard. The requested uploads provide the details. 

Note that characters include letters, numbers, punctuation, and spaces. Some characters may count as more than one character because of the formula the system uses. For example, a “smart” quotation mark takes up more characters in the system because it translates it to HTML code.  

Email Signatures 

Be sure your email signature includes your full college name AND the program level. This helps accreditation staff find your program in our systems quickly and respond to your needs in an expedited manner.  

You can also refer to the FAQ section regarding any other questions you may have. 

Please direct any questions to