Tech Tips March 2023

The ACOTE Website The ACOTE website has been updated! Some of the new features include: A quick reference for the steps to initial accreditation and steps for continuing accreditation. The list of closed OT and OTA programs since 1990 can be found on the Historical Lists of Accredited Programs page. A new search bar feature […]

Tech Tips July 2022

Adding New Users The E-Accreditation system allows program officials to add or change users. Step-by-step instructions are found here. When adding a new user, please add their credentials in their user profile. If a user requires access to more than one program (doctoral program and master program), the user will require dual user access. Please […]

Tech Tips June 2022

Compliance Statement Character Limit   When entering a compliance statement in the e-Accreditation system, there are varying character limits depending on the Standard. For example, the curriculum design Standard narrative box has a larger character count than the lab space Standard. Please make all attempts to be concise enough to provide your narrative within the […]