Action Required: Verify Program Information in eAccreditation Portal

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We are checking the accuracy of the information in our database to prepare for publication of the 2023 “Listing of Educational Programs in Occupational Therapy.” Please ensure the following information is accurate and update as necessary within your program’s eAccreditation portal before October 20, 2023. If all information is accurate within the eAccreditation portal, no further action is required.

Instructions for updating information within the eAccreditation portal can be found in the ‘Resources’ tab of the ACOTE website: Program eAccreditation Resources – ACOTE (

Program Profile: 

  • The program’s physical location address 
  • Program email address for general inquiries or admissions  
  • Program phone number for general inquiries or admissions 
  • Program website URL 

The email address, phone number, and website URL listed in the Program Profile of the eAccreditation portal are made publicly available on the School Directory published on the ACOTE website. 


Please ensure all Program Officials (CEO, Dean, Program Director, Academic Fieldwork Coordinator, Doctoral Capstone Coordinator) eAccreditation profiles include the person’s accurate first name, last name, email address, and phone number. 

*Changing information and removing an official triggers a pending edit for staff to approve. Due to the high volume of changes, there may be a 24-hour delay to approve the pending edit. Once you receive email notification that the pending edit was approved, you may proceed with additional changes and/or adding the new official. You do not have to email Accreditation staff as this process is automated through the eAccreditation portal.

Bridge/Weekend Programs: 

Bridge programs can be identified in the school’s directory using the ‘institution type’ filter and selecting ‘bridge programs’. Please ensure your program information is accurate and notify if there are any additions or changes to the bridge programs list.

Questions may be directed to Accreditation staff (